“Per for man-ce” | Athens School of Fine Arts

School of Fine Arts

Athens, Greece.
© Panos Kasimis Players

Per for man-ce, is a contemporary dance show based on an idea by Yiannis Adoniou and the photographs of Panos Kasimis.

A dialogue between mind, body and images. 

The audience, free from conventional narrative, creates their own story depending on how they relate and experience their coexistence with the two male performers. The black and white images of Panos Kasimis – much like music – provide the rhythm and bring the viewers closer to the performers’ inner state, taking them to a complete visual feast.

Per for man-ce

Based on an idea by Yannis Adoniou

Visual Documentation: Panos Kasimis

Performers: Alex Gotch, Michael Doolan 

Production: KUNST-STOFF productions 

Athens School of Fine Arts (main treatre) 19, 20 & 21 of January 2018