Love Intersects Time

About the work ...

This body of work is an ongoing project. It was born from an unusual permission that allowed conventional boundaries to be crossed, uniting this family and myself in the kinship of physical expression, resilience, endurance, and deep respect and love.

The unrest after the fall of communism in Romania tore apart many families, whose members were scattered throughout Europe. This family was one of them. The children were in their twenties when their father passed away, leaving their mother with a meagre pension. The brother emigrated first to Italy and then Spain, where he still lives with his wife and three children. The sister was studying at the University of Bucharest when she had to drop out, in search of work. While working as a secretary in a Greek company in Bucharest, she applied and received a scholarship from the Greek University of Economic Studies, and moved to Athens. Today, she is an executive in a large Greek company.

Although, they both tried to visit home frequently, circumstances almost never allowed them to sync up and be all together again, until the summer of 2018 when they embraced each other again after nearly 15 years. Nieces and nephews met their uncles and aunts for the firts time, and the grandmother had her entire family gathered around the family table once again. In 2020, Covid-19 pandemic spread across Europe. Health restrictions, lockdowns, and border closures made it impossible for the family to meet. But the next summer, they reunited again just as they will the next ... and the next ... No matter the obstacles, no matter how much the world seems to fight this family, their souls fight back.

For me they are love itself, unconditional and undefeated, with all its ups and downs, all its difficulties. They have allowed me to be part of their lives and reunions, with my camera among us smiling at the opened hearts, the powerful faces and energetic bodies, trying from time to time to create a visual celebration of a potential miracle.