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Four-day photography workshop with Panos Kasimis in Berlin, Germany.


During this workshop participants will be encouraged to a method of photography that is more empathetic and involved with the subject and the photographer's ability to feel its pulse. To break through the limits we impose on ourselves and realise possibilities we may be blind to. To push personal limits and discover the ability to move and work outside of our comfort zone.

Daily shooting and editing, critiques and group discussions on theoretical, aesthetic and practical issues will help to represent real moments, to transform your direct emotional experience into photographs with a greater sense of honesty, within the frame of spontaneity. Questions will be asked about the work, its approach and its realization.
The purpose of this training experience is to fully identify, explore and strengthen the visual language of each participant, and define individual photographic strategies.



PLACE: Berlin, Germany

DATES: 12 – 15 April 2018 (4 days)

Including: coffee, tea, snacks during meetings - accommodation for the first 4 selected applicants.
Excluding: accommodation, travel, meal, dinner, taxes, personal or other on ground expenses.
— Earlybird (until 15 March): 290€
— Regular (between 15 March -1 April): 350€

The workshop is limited to 8 participants.

Application deadline: 1st April 2018.
Application is made by sending e-mail to:

Please include:
— full name,
— some ID photo,
— phone number (not obligatory but helpful),
— link to a personal website (please, no flikr / facebook albums or instagram accounts).
If you don’t have a website, please attach a zip file with 15 - 20 photographs (jpg images, 1000px long side, 72dpi) and a personal statement.
Applicants will be selected on the quality of their portfolio and a first-come, first-served basis. Selected applicants will be contacted with payment details. Accommodation will be offered to the first four (4) applicants to complete their full payment.
After receiving full payment, registration will be finalized and participants will be contacted with venue details and directions, full workshop program, and additional assistance.
Cancellations and refunds:
Should you withdraw from participation in the workshop up to April 1st, half of the tuition fee will be refunded. After this limit, no refund can be made. The workshop may be canceled in the case of serious constrains. In such an unlikely event, a full refund of the paid fee will be made.

The workshop is designed for photographers with understanding of the photographic process. You should arrive with working knowledge of your equipment and ready to shoot. Although analogue photography is welcome, it is recommended to use digital. Bring a digital slide show of your project that you are working on. During the critique and photo editing sessions we will use electronic equipment, so having your own laptop is required. You should be able to download, select, make minor corrections and export the images to a portable device on your own.





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A short bio ...


Panayotis (Panos) Kasimis is a freelance photographer and photography teacher.
He studied photography in Berlin (1987), Athens (1988-'89) and London (1991-'93).
He has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions in Rome (2014), Athens (2015, 2014, 2009 and 2001), Juneau, Alaska (2005), Eindhoven, Holland (1997), and group exhibitions in Instabul (2014), Athens (2012, 2007, 2003, 1994, '93) and London (1994, '93, and '91).
His work has been published in noumerous magazines ("Jazz & jazz", "Greek Constructions", "Cosmos Travel", "My Child & Me") and two books: "Days Away" (2009) and "Urban Diaries" (2013).
He has organised and taught seminars and workshops for children (“Kids & Family Festival, Athens, 2010), and adults (The American Embassy in Athens, 2014 - National Bank of Greece, 2013 - Deutsche Telekom, Pylos, Greece 2011).
He has taught photography at "Diathlasi" (diffraction) Cultural Group of the Municipality of Dafni, Athens (1998-2000), at the "Ionian" (2001) and the 1st Prototype Lyceum of Athens (2014) high schools.
In 2001, together with eight more friends and former students he founded the photograhic club "Ennea".
In June 2013 he founded the Center of Creative Photography in Athens, where he teaches photography until today.
He lives and works in Athens, Greece.


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Panayotis Kasimis


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